Exploit pdf & Microsoft Office

Convert exe to pdf / doc / ppt / xls files in any environment.

Office Exploit Suite

We offer a complete solution for Microsoft Office exploits, letting you simulate any real scenario, with .exe / .jar conversions to .pdf, .doc, .ppt & .xls files. Educate your users and protect your business from any malicious attack.


PDF Exploit



DOC Exploit



PPT Exploit



XLS Exploit


Zero Day Exploits

When losing your data or letting malicious attackers take hold of it could mean the end of your company, you need the best solution. The zero day exploits we offer will work with all zero day vulnerabilities as they come out, and before any commercial AV programs will be able to terminate them.


Zero Day PDF



Zero Day DOC


Unique Exploits

We have created 4 different office exploits, to cover all exe to pdf / doc / xls & ppt scenarios. These cover 99% of the types of files companies use in their everyday communications, and are most liable for any threats.

Cyber Security Experts

Apart from the coding team, we also have our Security Experts, penetration testing geeks which are experts in digital exploitation and use advanced methods of reverse engineering to achieve the desired results, and make sure we stay ahead of any zero day vulnerabilities, as well as keeping our exploits updated with the latest CVEs & software updates

24/7 Support

Feel free to keep us busy 24/7, as our Customer Support Angels never sleep! Whether you prefer to solve your problem outright and want to use the live-chat with one of our agents, or explain your case in detail through email or the phone, it’s up to you. We are always here to help you with our software!

Fully Undetectable

Antivirus software cannot detect our payloads due to the complexity of our payloads’ source code. As an extra layer of protection we use obfuscation, in order to stay under the radar.

Qualified Coders

Two separate teams of coders, each with their own workspace, are making sure every day that we stay up to date with any changes and vulnerabilities that affect our exploit tools. Both teams work with Python, and they are separated to the Source Code Geniuses, which work together with the Debuggers to ensure the top quality of our office exploit.

It's Passion, Then Work

At HunterExploit we create software and exploits primarily out of passion for the penetration testing field, and then for commercial use from our customers. Living in the digital era means that we have to know how to protect our digital data, and finding ways to “hack” known securities is what drives us to offer something more stable and powerful.

Bypass Any Provider's Defenses

Mask any exe or jar program to resemble an exploited doc/xls/ppt/pdf file even in its file properties and size. There’s no anti-malware software able to recognize the difference, Hunter Exploit PowerPoint’s exploits come clean with all providers.

Stay Under The Radar

With our Exploit builder, you will be unseen by all anti-virus & anti-malware software. Before using our builder to generate the exploit file with your malicious file you must have encrypted your file first in order to work properly otherwise you will cause problems to the detection ratio.

35 AV/AM Tools Are Powerless Against Hunter

Avast, AVG,NOD 32, Avira, BitDefender, Comodo, eTrust-Vet, Kaspersky Antivirus, McAfee, Ms Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, Panda Security, Sophos & more commercial tools will show that HunterExploit Products are always clean.

Email, Skype, Facebook Or Anywhere

Just attach one of HunterExploit’s converted files on an email (even gmail or outlook, as they will not suspect the file), or drag & drop on Skype, Facebook or any other provider. You should be able to test your users in any scenario, and Hunter Exploit will help you do just that.

Lightning Fast Execution Times

Most exploits take a small amount of time to be finally executed making users a bit suspicious. It’s natural for an exploited vulnerability to take more time to run than a normal file, but Hunter Exploit’s works almost as fast, increasing your success rate dramatically.

Works With All RATs, Botnets Etc.

As long as your program is in exe or a jar format, you can convert it to the exploit which which will please all of your needs. It works will all RATs, Botnets, Keyloggers or any other executable, making it the first choice of professional penetration tester, Ethical Hackers.

Get Office Exploit Suite

Upgrade your business security & intelligence today. Simulate any penetration testing scenario by using the most powerful tool.

Buy Full Suite - 15,100$

Get Zero Day Bundle

Upgrade your business security & intelligence today. Simulate any penetration testing scenario by using the most powerful tool.

Buy Zero Day Bundle - 44,500$

Spread With Ease

Office Exploit Builder enables you to deploy unlimited DOC/XLS/PPT/PDF documents that will download and execute multiple .EXE files when ran.

All Versions Supported

All versions of Microsoft Office and Windows are affected, including 32 and 64-bit systems. Bring in a huge variety of clients.

Stay Undetected

With Office Exploit Builder you will be unseen by all anti-virus software. With the built-in crypter, not even your file will be seen when executed by the exploit.

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